Monday, October 11, 2010

Update September 13, 2010 to October 10, 2010

While it may not appear much has changed, we really are progressing.  The roof is totally complete, much of the plumbing is installed, the area in the front and sides have been cleaned up, and the dirt has been filled in around the perimeter of the house.
Work is now centered on the interior of the house.  The vent stack for the fireplace is installed (plastic covered inlet), the HVAC contractor is busy installing the duct system, and the electrical crew is busy wiring all the rooms.

Lights and plugs for the Kitchen

Upstairs bath off Sewing Room

Downstairs Bath with plumbing and electrical work

Main unit for the HVAC Geo-thermal system.

Beginning of workbench in the shop area.

Washer/Dryer and wash basin in basement.

View from Point 2 on the lake. The trees are starting to show the first signs of fall.  Acorns are falling in the woods and the leaves are starting to change color and drop from the trees. 
Future updates will focus more on the interior until the brick, doors, and windows are installed.  Stay tuned as we will update as progress warrants.