Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Update 2012 - May and June Visitors

The summer has been very active here in the Ozarks with visitors from Texas and Missouri.  Brent's family made it to the LakeviewDream and we had a great time in the lake.  Hannah and Jake were the first to use the new ski trainer and Melissa  put on a great show water skiing.  After a couple of days on the lake, we moved the activity to Branson's Silver Dollar City where we were joined by Laura's family.  The following pictures are of our day at Silver Dollar City.

Brent's family at Silver Dollar City waiting in line for the Log Ride.

The family is all loaded up and ready to get wet!

Good thing is was a hot day at Branson since the family was now soaking wet.  Jake was just soaked since he was sitting in the front.  Hannah was smart and sat between Brent and Melissa.

The Trent family was next to test the wild river log ride.  Clara wanted to be up front (bad mistake)
and Will was between Tom and Laura.

Surprise!!  Clara got soaked, but she enjoyed every minute.  Clara and Jake were ready for more water rides.

After the Log Ride the youngsters needed a short break to let their clothes dry. 

Tom, Melissa, and Brent decided to try another ride at Silver Dollar City.  Brent has always enjoyed speed and going upside down (must be a pilot thing).

Here's our trio (see red shirt) coming off the upside down loop and headed straight down to the bottom of the canyon where the ride is.

From here the family headed over to the kid rides and a quick trip around the park on the train.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  The next stop was up to Republic, Mo. and an evening at the Trent house.  The next post will have a few highlights from that visit.