Friday, October 12, 2012

Update 2012 - September Road Trip to Oklahoma and Texas

It's late September and we are leaving the Ozarks for Oklahoma City, McKinney, Tx, College Station, and Carrizo Springs.  Steph and I attended my 45 year high school reunion (Midwest City High School) at Remington Park Horse Racing Track.  We had a great time and got to see many of our old high school friends.  Stephanie graduated a year after me, but still knew a lot of the same classmates.  We had a wonderful evening and the reunion committee is to be commended for a very organized and functional reunion.
From Oklahoma City we traveled to McKinney for a quick visit with Brent, Melissa, Jake and Hannah.  We arrived around lunch time so we headed over to Frisco for fried chicken at Babe's Chicken.  If you ever get the chance to eat at Babe's take the time and enjoy a great meal.
We left Brent's and headed to College Station to see Ann, Jared, and Parker.  Steph stayed at Ann's while I headed to Carrizo Springs to do a little scouting for deer, hogs, and dove hunting at Pete's ranch.  As usual, the trip to the ranch was very rewarding.

It looks like another outstanding year for hunting on the Los Robles.  I was sitting in the same blind where I got the 13pt deer last year and took the following photos.  This photo was an early morning photo of a nice buck and doe grazing around the feeder.  Prior to this photo a huge 12pt deer with a wide spread walked off after feeding for 15 - 20 minutes.
Sorry this is so dark, but if you double-click on the photo and enlarge it you should be able to see this trophy that is running around on the ranch.
A few deer remained around the feeder after the sun came up, at one time I had 13 deer grazing on the corn under the feeder.
The ranch is not just a deer haven.  This is a group of 11 hen turkey that came into the feeder and finished off what the deer left behind.  I was hoping for hogs but they showed up at Pete's blind on the northeast side of the ranch.  Our annual family hunt is scheduled for November 30 to December 3 so hopefully we will see lots of game.  We will be posting our findings in early December.
After a few days at the ranch I returned to College Station to help Parker get use to wearing the proper color of orange.  Living in College Station, Tx, and wearing the WRONG orange can get a fella in trouble.  COWBOY orange is always acceptable in Aggieland.
One of the main purposes of the trip was to take care of Parker while Ann and Jared went to the TAMU v Arkansas football game.  Prior to all Aggie home games Ann and Jared have a big tailgate party next to Kyle Field.  Ann wanted Jared and Parker to have special aprons for the event so Grandma Reubin got to work.
First off the sewing machine was the apron for Parker.  Check out the boots and jeans on the little man.  I think Mom (Ann) approves of Stephanie's handiwork.
After a couple more days the full set of apron's were ready for public display.  I'm wearing Jared's, Steph has Ann's, and Parker's is Parker.  The friends and family at the tailgate party were very impressed with the aprons.
It's game day and Parker is ready to cheer on the Aggies to victory over the Hogs.  The day started off wet, but the rained stopped around 9:00am and we had a great time at the tailgate, watching the game in the MSC building, and enjoying our time with Parker.
Steph and I both feel Parker needs to also experience a Cowboy game in Stillwater as early as possible.
After we returned home Steph was so proud of her aprons that she finally decided to sew for herself again.  This is a jacket and purse she finished.
Well it's time to start making "seasonal" items.  Keeping with the season, Steph has made this Halloween quilt.  I think the sewing room is the most utilized room in the house. 
Come back soon as we will be busy with visitors from the south and birthday parties to attend in Springfield.