Monday, May 28, 2012

Update 2012 -- Parker Wilson Lowe May 2012

Well here we are in the month of May and the big day has arrived.  Mr. Parker Wilson Lowe joined the family on May 14, 2012, at 8:46pm.  Parker weighed in at 8 lbs 8 oz and a striking 22 inches in length.  He better be tall since his Dad is 6' 3'' and his mother is 6' 0".  Now let's get on with welcoming Parker to the Ozark Dream Blog.

Parker was just a few minutes old when Grandma Reubin was able to get this picture.  Ann had a long day trying to get this little fella into the world.  She checked into the hospital around 6:00am and spent most of the day trying to convince Parker he needed to make an appearance.  As luck would have it, her Dr was around all day, but left the hospital around 8:00pm for dinner.  Well, Parker said that it would be a good time to arrive so they had to get the Dr. back quickly.  The Dr. made it just in time to catch Parker as he made his grand arrival.

This is a picture of the proud Grandparents holding little Parker.  This is number 5 for the Reubin's and number 1 for the Lowe's.  We were the old pros in the ordeal.

It's now 2 days later and the happy family are ready to leave the hospital and head for home.  Ann and Parker were doing well and Jared was excited to not have to sleep in a chair at the hospital.

Parker at home with Ann, Jared, and his favorite dog, Browning.

It sure is nice having a big brother with a big jet.  Brent picked up a charter to Branson, Mo
and was flying back to Dallas empty so he invited his sister (Laura) and her two kids, Clara and William and his Grandparents to fly to see Parker Wilson Lowe.  A little over an hour is better than 10 hours in the car.

Clara could not wait to get to hold and rock little Parker.  She is in the glider in Parker's room in College Station.

William was very patient to wait for his turn to hold Parker.  He was just as interested in him as Clara.

Auntie Ann getting a few pointers on how little boys like to be treated from Cousin William.

Great Grandmother Reubin (my Mom) with two great grandsons, William and Parker.

Well all good things must end and Great Grandmother and Clara are picking their seats for the ride home in Brent's jet.

Brent (in the blue shirt) getting ready to leave for Branson, Mo. with the family after their visit with Ann, Jared, and Parker.

It's "Wheels Up" and a short 1 hour ride back home for Laura, Clara, William, and the GrandParents. Thanks Brent for a great flight and the opportunity to see Parker Lowe so soon.

Update 2012 -- April in the OZARK'S

After two trips to Texas, two trips to Springfield, and one trip to Norman, Ok, we get to spend some time at home in Lakeview, Arkansas. It's early spring and the leaves are starting to come out and the fishing is getting hot.  We had a Bass Master's Tournament on Bull Shoals and Dad and I went down to watch some of the activities.  Later we all went out to Gaston's on the White River to see all the Ranger Fishing Boats out of the water.  Each of the boats had a value of close to $75,000.

This is a photo of some of the boats coming in to the dock and getting ready for weigh-in.  It was a good day for some and not so good for others.

This is one of the "happy fisherman" with a full load of 5 nice bass.  I think he found a honey hole for day 1.

Dad checking out all the Ranger Professional Fishing Boats on display at Gaston's White River Resort.  The boats were lined up on the airplane landing strip.  All of the boats were made at the Ranger Boat Plant in Flippen, Arkansas, about 10 miles from the Ozark Dream.

Laura and Tom went to Las Vegas for a Dr. Convention and we got to take care of Clara and William.  The timing was great since our Sunday School class was having a hay ride and cookout at one of the members property.  As you will see we all had a great time.

Will and Clara enjoying the evening.

Clara getting some help with another s'more.

Everyone enjoying singing campfire songs.

Clara resting on the big rock while everyone continues to enjoy the campfire.

Well we had to take the kids back home for school and watch Clara at her school musical.  Tom and Laura made it back from Las Vegas in time to join in the fun at school and watch Clara sing her Mother Goose nursery rhymes.

Update 2012 -- Parker's Baby Showers March 2012

From Norman, Ok, we headed south to Waco, Tx., for a baby shower for Ann and Parker Wilson Lowe.  Ann and Jared's friends from church and school hosted a shower for Ann.  Stephanie went to the shower and Jared and I went to a Baylor U. baseball game.

Ann opening gifts at Waco party.

More gifts for Parker when he decides to appear.

Ann (in the blue dress) and some of her Waco friends and hostesses for the party.

Ann with Steph and Lori (Jared's mother).

Guess who came to see Ann in College Station?  It's Brent, Melissa, Jake, and Hannah.  They were heading back home after a short vacation to San Antonio over SpringBreak.

Ann visiting with Brent and Melissa getting all the necessary pointers prior to Parker's arrival.

Ann at  her shower in Sugarland (Jack and Lori Lowe's home)

2012 Update - Late February and Early March

Well it's been awhile since an update from the OZARK DREAM, but when you see all the places we have been and the fun we have had with the Grandkids you will know why it has taken so long to bring the Blog up to date.  The last posting showed the February 2012 snowfall and now we move on to February 22, Laura's bithday.

Laura with her family at our house for her bithday party.  We had the Grandparents, Tom's Parents, and two of Tom's Dr. friends from Peoria, Ill here to celebrate Laura's birthday.  The next day Tom, his dad, his two Dr. friends, my dad, and me went to the White River for a great fishing trip.  We all caught lots of fish, German Browns and Rainbows.

Laura opening her presents while the family watches. The additional people in the photo are Steph and I and my Mom and Dad.

Laura received lots of new pots and pans and everyone is having fun modeling them.

After the birthday party we traveled to Springfield, Mo to watch Clara do cheerleading at a basketball game at her school.

From Springfield we traveled to Norman, Ok., to watch another Granddaughter, Hannah (age 7), perform at the Oklahoma University Gymnastics Meet.  Hannah is Brent and Melissa's daughter and is our oldest Grandchild.

Another pic of Hannah at OU.

Hannah working with her partner

Hannah doing more of her floor routine.  This is one happy girl and very athletic.

Hannah and her partner having fun at the end of the show.

Jake and Brent watching Hannah at OU.