Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 Update - Snow Day February 13, 2012

Winter finally decided to pay a visit to Lakeview, Arkansas.  We had some real cold weather blow in Friday,  February 10, and then the moisture arrived on Monday, February 13. 

It started snowing in the early morning and this is the view we had when we got up this morning.  The view is looking out from the deck towards the lake.

The snow fall increased during mid-morning and finally stopped around 3:00pm.

The Ozark Dream all covered in snow.  Now it's time to go to work.

After clearing his driveway, Dad came over with his tractor and blade to help clear the snow around our driveway and the street.

Steph and Dad clearing more snow in the street.

The driveway is now snow-free and hopefully we can come and go without sliding over the edge into the woods.

2011 Update - December 2011 (2nd Half)

As you may remember on the previous post we were awaiting the arrival of Ann and Jared to find out it we are getting a new Grandson or Granddaughter.  Well, the day has arrived and everyone is waiting for the plane to arrive at the Branson airport.  Ann has said they will dress in the appropriate color for the new baby.

Well, it looks like it's a boy!!  Mom is really starting to glow or is it show?
Now it's just wait until May and little Parker Wilson Lowe will arrive.  We will definitely have pictures to share at the happy time. 

The next set of pictures were taken Christmas Day 2011, the first Christmas in the new house.

Tom, Laura, Clara and William at the Ozark Dream getting ready to open presents. 

Grandma Reubin, William, and Clara playing with the new doll bunk bed that Grandma Reubin had made by Jr. Staley, the cabinet maker.  The wood and stain is the same as Tom and Laura's enterainment center that Jr. made for them.  Grandma also had anothr bunk bed made in the same wood and stain as our house for the Grandkids bedroom downstairs.

Clara checking out her new animal pillow.

William and Laura (Mom) with the new John Deere plate.

Christmas Day 2011 was just beautiful.  This is a view of the front of the house with Bull Shoals Lake in the background.

Well, that's about it for the year 2011.  It has been very exciting and passed very quickly. To close, this is a picture of the back of the house.  Spring and summer will be here soon so the deck and back porch will be the place to be.
Visit often in 2012 for continued updates.
Happy New Year to all!!!