Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mid-July Update

Welcome to the mid-July update to the Ozark Dream story. Since the last update we have had a week of extreme heat and humidity (Houston style), a week of rain, approximately 6 inches (Houston style again) and now another week of heat and humidity. Makes you wonder why we left Houston. However, we do have a lot of progress to share.

After pouring the footings the team moved to framing the basement walls. It is truly a work of art to watch the foundation crew do their job. I never imagined how much work is involved in framing walls for a basement. I can only imagine the efforts still remaining to complete the house.

The Ozark Dream is really starting to take shape. Since the last update we have completed footings, filled with base material, and set the forms for the walls.
This view is from ground level looking down to the basement. The walls will be thick and steel reinforced. I know where I'm hiding if a tornado comes through the neighborhood.

Sunset at the Ozark Dream. We can't wait to enjoy the completed project.
Lumber jack update - Well we needed to move the wood pile so that the geothermal well drillers could do their thing.

We are getting ready for a cold winter. If you're in need of some good exercise, try cutting up 17 trees in July. We should have enough firewood for at least 2 winters.  It's hard to appreciate how big and heavy these logs are, but we've sweat our hearts out cutting and moving these into one central area.
Well, here we are with completed walls (notice the lake view). Next step is to stub some plumbing lines and power grid before pouring basement floor.
Here's the latest 'toy' for the ranch. We can use the Mule to haul firewood, drive around the neighborhood, go to the dock, and soon be able to launch the jet ski next to the boat dock. Stay tuned for future updates.

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  1. We like the new toy!! Jared is looking forward to his first ride on it! The house is really coming along nicely...we can't wait to see it in person!

    The Lowe's