Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another Exciting Week 8/29 - 9/05 2010

Red and his crew were busy this week.  They completed framing the main floor and moved to the roof.  The house is really starting to resemble the finished product.  Note the height of the roof line.  The Cathedral Ceiling in the family room is 17 ft. high at the peak and the main roof is another 8 or 9 ft. above that.

This is a shot of the Kitchen and Breakfast room.  We can't wait for Fall to come and for the trees to drop their leaves.  We should be able to see our boat dock from the house.  A view of a portion of the deck is seen through the family room door.  The deck will extend in front of the Breakfast Room.

A view of the framed and roofed garage.

We were back on the lake today (Sunday 9/05) and snapped another picture from the main channel.

The large boat dock in the center of the picture is home for our boat.  We have the second stall from the left (the vacant stall).  As you can see, the water is still warm enough to swim (see the two heads just in front of the dock).

I have now graduated from cutting trees to the next step of splitting the logs.

A splitting team consists of three (3) people.  One to operate the lever to raise and lower the splitter (My Dad), one to move the logs under the splitter and toss the pieces to the wood pile (That's Me), and the third is:

The third person is the loader and unloader (That is Stephanie).  That's my team and we are splitting, hauling, and stacking  professionals.

Steph and I have been busy with the splitter all week, except for the 2 days of rain early in the week.  We had to dump the split logs (see right side of picture) until we can get more pallets.

Just a note to remind readers not familiar with the blog, you can double-click the photo and get a much larger and clearer view.

The next major milestone is to get the roof completed and shingled.  Target date is 9/15/2010.
Back soon with another update!!!


  1. The view from the lake of the house is looking more and more impressive! Your stack of wood is huge - can't believe how much work you have done. Can't wait to see it in person again!

  2. Great views and great photography. Your camera is doing an excellent job. Love the picture of the boat dock and in 34 years it is one of the best I've seen. The lake view of the house is tremendous and so is the amount of "wood work" the "team" has done.