Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 Update - October 2011 Activities

Well, it's time for another update of the exciting things we do as "retired folk."  After our trips to California and Texas we were able to come home for a few days to do laundry, check the mail, pay bills, and pack for the next adventure.
In the middle of October, Tom (Laura's Husband) and I headed to Colorado to try our luck in Elk hunting.  We joined a father/son team we knew from Mountain Home and headed off to Teleuride, Colorado.  This hunting trip was a little on the "roughing it" side, not like deer hunting in South Texas.
This is a picture of our camp site.  YES, that is a tent!! This was home sweet home for 5 days.

Elk hunting should be considered an Xtreme sport.  If the altitude doesn't get you, we camped at 8000 ft, then the climb up to nearly 11000 ft looking for the elusive elk will surely finish you off since you have to walk, carry a backpack, and don't forget the trusty rifle. I still have a few aches and pains.

Never fails, you hunt for Elk and all you see are mule deer.

Well, I am sad to report that no elk were harmed during our visit to Colorado.  The one saving grace to the trip was seeing some of the most beautiful mountains and forests in the USA.  This is a sample of the terrain where we were hunting.  The temps were warm for Colorado so the elk were going higher and staying in the dark timber and we were not able to find their hiding places.  I am sure they knew we were coming long before we got near them due to all the huffing and puffing to catch our breath we certainly did not sneek up on them.

The last day of the 1st Elk Season was on a Wednesday, but we broke camp on Tuesday because if an elk was shot on Wednesday we would NOT make it back to Springfield, Mo., in time for a very special event.

Yep, that's "No Kill" Tom and the little birthday boy William. This was the family birthday party for William.  He has just got a new tool kit like his father and a new hot wheel car.

Well the big day arrived and all of William's friends came to play, eat cake, and take a hay ride around the pumpkin patch.  The "Bouncee" was a real hit with all the kids.  It was a great way to wear the kids down before re-loading them with cake.

The theme of the party was John Deere Tractors!!  Grandma Reubin (Stephanie) went to the John Deere dealer and got special shirts, patches, plates, and a toy or two all with the John Deere logo and the color green.  Even his b-day cake had a John Deere theme.

William is holding one of his favorite gifts, a mini John Deere tractor.

The end of the party was highlighted by a hay ride around the property to the pumpkin patch where each guest was able to pick his or her favorite pumpkin to take home.  We all had a wonderful day and the weather was just great.
Well, as October was coming to a close Steph and I are headed off to College Station (again).  This time it  was to drop off Steph to visit with Ann, then Jared (Ann's Husband) and I were going to South Texas in search of the Muy Grande Deer.  The deer hunt stories and other wild tales will follow in the November Update.  Come back soon for this update, it could be real exciting!!

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