Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Major Milestone 11 08 2010

 Steph and I spent the week-end in Springfield, Mo. visiting our daughter Laura and her family.  The main purpose of the trip was to look at bricks and take care of the Grandkids, Clara and William, while Mom and Dad enjoyed a night out on the town.  Tom and Laura have 10 acres and recently found someone to bale the hay for them.  They were able to make 10 bales on the 3-4 acres set aside for the trap shooting range and future cattle ranch. 
As I said, the MAIN purpose of the trip was to find a brick pattern we liked.  I never imagined that ACME brick had so many patterns and sizes.  We had considered using the same brick as currently on Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater, OK. home of the OSU Cowboys, but the color combination and the smoothness of the brick did not fit for us at this time.  We looked at close to 50 houses in Rogers, Arkansas, and Springfield, Mo. and selected:
This brick pattern is, you'll never guess, Arkansas Rose!!  Hope you like it because there will be over 20,000 of these little fellers on the house and mailbox.  We will also use a few in the house as a pad for the wood burning stove.

After my last post, there were many requests for pictures of the front of the house so here are a few snapshots.  This is looking straight into the front door.

                                         The next view is the dining room and the garage.

The last view is a whole front view.

The change of season is in full swing now.  The trees surrounding the property are colorful and leaves are dropping more every day.   As the leaves fall the view of the hills and the lake improve.  Enjoy the view from the Ozark Dream.

One last shot taken today of the inside work currently going being done in the house.  The workers have completed putting up drywall in the Master Bedroom.

That's it for now.  Next decisions will be to decide tile for the Master Bath shower and flooring for the rooms not getting wood.  See you later!!!
(P.S. Don't forget to double click the photo for a full screen view.)

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