Thursday, November 4, 2010

Update October 11, 2010 to October 31, 2010

The past three weeks have been very productive.  We are now at the stage that most of the major work is on the inside of the house.  We are taking a road trip this weekend to Springfield, Mo. and Fayetteville, Ark. to make the final selection for bricks.  Our No.1 choice increased in price about 15% and is not available until early December so we are now on a search for a new No.1.  Our two main choices, until we find one we like better, are Acme's Bay Lake and Richland Meadows.

                                      Here's an update of where we are in the building process:

As you can see, all the doors and windows have been installed (except upstairs sewing room).  We are pleased with the installation and only one window arrived slightly damaged.

This is the front door.  It is not finished, we are planning to have it stained.

This is the door to Steph's sewing room from the deck.  Remember in the first picture the door was missing, but it is now installed.

This picture and the next two will show you the insulation package we are having installed.  This picture is in the downstairs family room looking into the media room to the left and the grandkids bedroom on the right.  We are using foam (a product made by Lyondell Chemical) to fill all the exterior walls, both up and down, and on select walls for soundproofing.  In addition, the ceiling of the downstairs and the vaulted ceiling upstairs will be foamed. 

This picture shows the Master Bedroom.

This picture shows the shop/mechanical room and the sound barrier wall between the downstairs adult bedroom and the shop.
The current focus is to have all the drywall installed by November 9 and then start the taping, mudding, and texture work.  When that is completed we will move to paint, trim, floors and appliances. The  often discussed move-in date is January 2011.  Keep your fingers crossed the weather holds and we can find a brick we like.  Stay tuned for the next update in about a week.

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