Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Holiday Update - November 24 2010

The past two weeks have been very productive, but the work is difficult to show.  We have completed all the drywall work, installation, mud, texture, and clean-up.  We have traveled to Harrison, Arkansas, twice to check out wood floors and granite for the counter-tops and after a couple of "changes of mind" we have decided on Hickory Floors in the sewing room, upstairs great room, dining room, foyer, and the master bedroom.  We have also decided to have a wood (Hickory) staircase (it's only money).  As for granite, we have found a very unique piece for the master bath, you would have to see it as I can not decribe it with enough detail.  I will try to get a picture on our next visit.  The "big" event is the brick work that has been completed.  The next few pictures will give you a good perspective of the final product. ENJOY the view.

The brick crew started on the west side of the house and had it completed in about two or three days.  This side of the house is the bedroom for the Grandkids (downstairs) and Steph's hobby/seewing room upstairs.

This is a view of the same two rooms from the back of the house.

This view (sorry for the late hour) shows the shop area, the Master Bedroom, and a little of the lower patio area.

This is the most recent photo (about 4:30pm today) of the front of the house.  If the weather allows the brick crew will probably stay and work the rest of the week.  They are from Fayetteville and don't want to make the round-trip for just one day.  We have had 18 thousand bricks delivered and will probably be ready for more by Monday or Tuesday.

Another view of the front with the entry.

In addition to all the brick work today, we now have garage doors.  The large door is 18 feet wide and 9 feet high and the smaller door (for the Mule) is 8 feet wide and 9 feet high.  This will allow us to seal the house for painting, wood floors, and tile work.  The brick work on the east side of the house is also visible in the photo.

This is the pad for the wood burning stove.  The pad will be bricks on all sides and the top and we will have bricks up the wall to where the catheral ceiling meets the wall.  The pad is approximately 4 bricks tall.

This is the shower in the master bath with the frame for the seat.  The shower is about 6 feet long and 3 feet wide and will be ceramic tile. 
That's the latest from the LakeviewDream.  We expect the house to be completely bricked by the end of next week and the next major milestones are paint, wood floors and stairs, tile work in shower, master bath, kitchen, and guest/sewing room bath.  The excitement is really starting to build and we get closer to our move-in date.  Stay tuned for more news in December.

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