Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 - Update on Floor, Ceilings, and Outside

Well the new year is here and we received a little dose of winter.  This is a picture looking out to the northwest of the back of the house.  Our land runs down to the tree line and that's the lake in the upper right corner of the picture.  The trees are virtually bare of leaves and we can see completely through the woods.

Moving to the inside of the house, the wood ceiling in the upstairs family room is finally complete.  The work was more involved than originally expected, but Pat and Niles stayed with it and the result is outstanding, in our opinion.  The wood is pine and the stain is a light cherry.

Well, let's start showing off the floors since we have the ceiling all finished.  This is the master bedroom with the hickory floor installed.  Installation is just step 1 in a multi step process.  The next step is to sand, then stain and seal, a coat of polymer, and then a final polyurethane coat right before we move into the house.  The hickory was grown,  milled, and made into flooring all in the state of Arkansas.

Continuing with the floor theme, this is Steph's sewing room.  Like the master, this is just the installation phase.  Notice the light and dark shades in the wood.  We have selected a mixture of hickory heartcut (the darker pieces) and regular grade hickory (the lighter material) to give different shading when stained.

This is the family room with the flooring and the wood burning stove  under the wrapping on the brick hearth.  We have peeked at the stove and it is as pretty as the picture (see earlier posting for website).  We have kept it covered to avoid any accidental damage with all the work on the floors and ceilings.  We hope to unwrap it soon and season it with a big fire while the nights are still cold.

Another picture of the wood floor in the family room and my office.

Back outside, a very important part of the house was recently completed.  We now have a state approved septic system.  We have a large holding tank in the ground behind the house and it drains to the septic system in the above picture.  We have 6 lines and a water curtain to divert run off from the house and driveway.  Well that's it for Update #1 for 2011.  The exciting news is we are on track to begin moving-in by the end of January.  Keep your fingers crossed all goes well and on schedule from now until the end of the month.

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