Saturday, January 15, 2011

Update #2 January 2011 - Cabinets, Vanities, and Granite

Well, let's start this posting with perhaps one of our best bargins for the house.  This is a very exotic piece of granite that the supplier had left over from another job and it just fit the vanity in our master bath.  Remember that the master bath has a different tile than the rest of the upstairs and it was chosen to compliment this special piece of granite.  The vanity is made from hickory, just like the floors, and was custom made by a very gifted and talented cabinet maker in Mountain Home.  The company has been around for 30+ years and he has recently finished an entertainment center and kitchen for our daughter in Springfield, Mo.  We will be doing the kitchen, sewing bathroom, laundry room, downstair bathroom, small kitchen downstairs, and an entertainment center in the downstairs family room. 

Staying with the granite work, this is our selection for the kitchen.  The granite is called Ornamental and it is a mixture of brown and gray spots on a white background.  It is very complimentary to the floor tile and the cabinets. 

This is the raised bar behind the sink.  This is some of the cabinet work I mentioned earlier.

This is the long counter with the stove and the upper cabinet for the microwave (see opening at left ).  This gives you a good view of the tile, cabinets, and a little of the granite in the kitchen.

This is the small counter with the opening for the ice maker and the slot for the refrig at the far right.

This is the vanity in the sewing room bathroom.  The counter top will be white  marble.

These three pictures are the buffet and china that Steph designed and our cabinet maker was able to produce.  The kitchen is a dream and is everything we hoped it would be.  We are very pleased with the
quality of the work by Staley and Sons Cabinets shop.  Well this will get to the latest stage of the house.  We will update on the sealing and staining of the wood floors very soon.  The week of January 17 will be busy as we get all outside metal installed, connecting water to the house, install all plumbing, lighting, ceiling fans, and tile for the downstairs family room.  We needed to have extra heat in the house for the wood floor work so the geothermal unit was turned on to help dry the floors.  I think we are going to be very happy with the geothermal system as it was able to warm the house to the low 70's even though we have not completed sealing the house from the outside.  Stay tuned for another update very soon.

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  1. I'm seeing a lot of excellent work here. It must have taken some hard work to be able to come up with something as prestigious as this. They look so beautiful by now, for sure. How's the geothermal system working for your house? It's impressive to have it warm the whole house while the sealing was still in progress.