Friday, January 21, 2011

January 2011 Update #3 - Door, Floors, Faucets, and Winter

The move-in date of end of January/Early February continues to remain on track.  We had electrical, tile, finishing, central vac, and security in the last couple of days.  Many of the purchased lights and fans are now up, the central vac unit is ready to go, grouting of the downstairs and the kick-plates in the kitchen and baths are complete.  Trim work and painting continues in many of the rooms.  Next week (January 24th) we will get appliances, downstairs vanity, laundry room, and continue work on inside trim and outside soffits.  Now for pics of the of the above subject matter:

A peaceful scene around sunset after the light snow on January 20, 2011.  This picture is looking at the lake from the deck.  It gets cold in a hurry when the sun goes down and the yard is covered with snow.

Welcome back to the inside of the house.  This is a picture from near the door to the deck looking back to the front entrance.  Well, how do you like the floors?  This is the first coat of stain.  They will come in and buff the floors once more and then apply a polyurethane finish to really shine them.  We think they look great.

A view of the family room with the semi-finished floors.  The darker stained wood is the heart-cut material and the lighter is the more traditional hickory floor.

Dining Room

Master Bedroom.  We used the same stain in all rooms, but the lighting and amount of heart-cut can make the floors look different.

Sewing Room


Special order doors for office and sewing room.  Notice they are the same grill pattern as the windows. Pretty neat don't you think?  The doors will be painted white.

This is the faucet in the Master Bath.  Each sink will have this style faucet.

Last photo, this is the faucet for the sink in the kitchen.  Well we have had an exciting week of change at the house and helping my Dad through knee replacement surgery.  He is home and mending and now I get to go to Waco/College Station to practice my moving skills as Ann and Jared leave for their new home in College Station.  Jared got a nice promotion and Ann gets a brand new house to decorate.  Hopefully she will update her blog with her new home pictures.  Well, we hope to have a lot of new items to report at the next posting so stay tuned.  We should be open for business (receiving guests) by March 1 so make your reservations early.  

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