Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 2011 Update #1 - Will It Ever Stop Snowing!!!

The "Two Weeks" bug has finally struck at the Ozark Dream.  We can't blame the builder since Ole Man Winter has taken over the final stages of completing the house.  As I sit at the computer updating the blog today we are getting another round of snow, hopefully the last for awhile.  We are forecast to get only 4 to 6 inches, but last week we were forecast for only a light dusting of 1 to 2 inches and we got 6 inches.  It is February 9th and we still need warm weather to complete concrete work on our front porch and the driveway.  Despite the cold weather we have progress to report on the inside so let the update begin:

We had a special treat on January 24 as Brent stopped to check on his Grandfather after his knee surgery and personally wish him a happy birthday.  He also wanted to see how the Ozark Dream was progressing since he is planning to visit in Mid-March.  Thanks for the visit Brent!!

Now, on to the house updates.  Well, we did get a little concrete work completed before the snow and cold weather took over in late January/early February.  This is the back patio and walk-way from the back door to the shop door.  Steph selected this while I was in Waco/College Station helping Ann and Jared relocate.

I don't think we will ever finish the kitchen.  The tile blacksplash is the latest edition. 

Our Master Shower is now complete, except for the shower door. 

We now have a nearly complete stair railing in the family room and a handrail down to the basement.  As soon as the snow lets up we will get the rest of the parts needed to finish the hand rail down the right side of the stairs to the basement.  The spindles down the staircase will match the spindles in the family room.

The Queen's Throne Room, sorry the sewing room, is starting to take shape.  Steph has two ceiling fans and the slat boards for displaying her sewing utencils has been installed.

This is the chandelier in the dining room.

This is the chandelier in the entry way.

This is the chandelier for the Breakfast Room.  All three chandeliers are from the same "family" of lights.

The downstairs Master Bath is ready for use. The downstairs will be ready (finished) before the upstairs due to waiting on the concrete work and then finishing the wood floors.
Well, I wish I could say the we are open for business, but it looks like two more weeks.  We are scheduled to visit Springfield the week of February 16 to take care of Clara and William while Laura and Tom visit Vail, Colorado.  Hopefully, we will begin to experience"serious" moving plans as the weather takes a turn for  warmer in the next "TWO WEEKS".

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