Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 2011 Update #2 - The February 9 Snow Storm

Since my last post was mostly about the weather delays we are experiencing I thought I would just show you the results of the latest delay to pass through the Ozarks.  It started snowing about 4am this morning and finally stopped around 4 pm this afternoon.  We have around 8 inches of the fluffy, white stuff and the temps are falling.  This picture is looking from the back of the Ozark Dream down toward the boat docks.  The shoreline is covered with the white stuff that is delaying my moving day!!!

We have not had a recent photo of Beau so thought I would sneek one in today.  He just had a fresh grooming yesterday and is not real pleased with the snow and cold weather.  This should give you a fairly good idea of the snow depth around the house.

Not many external changes to the house since our last update, but we do have most of the soffits and trim work completed around the house.  We are still waiting on warm weather to complete the railings on the deck.  Lowe's is waiting for their supply truck to arrive with a fresh batch of support columns and spindles.

Wish we were in the house and could build a big fire in the wood stove.  I would much rather have the wood burning than covered in snow.

My new snow plow!  Don't you just love "GLOBAL WARMING"!

I've shown enough of the back so I guess I need a picture of the front.  We've had enough of this stuff, but the house sure looks like a mountain chateau in Vail with all the snow!

This photo is a snow covered Jims Road looking west from the Ozark Dream.  Well, that's it for now.  I have shoveled snow at our rent house and at Mom & Dad's all afternoon and I'm tired and sore.  Stay tuned for the next update when the temp is above 50 degrees and concrete is poured.

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  1. Thanks for ANOTHER great post! Wow, two in one day! The snow is really pretty, but I'm anxious for you to move in also. See you in a few days!