Monday, April 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home - March 2011

The evolution of the Lakeview Dream was finally completed on March 15, 2011.  We have been living in the house since February 23, but we had to be up early every morning as workers were still completing work inside the house and we needed to be out of the way.  Well, the completed (we still need landscaping and grass) project looks like this:

I don't think I have ever shown the picture of the wood burning stove we have in the living room upstairs.  We have used the stove numerous times since moving in late February.  It will really heat up the upstairs when we get the fire going real strong.

The next two photos are the completed stair railing in the upstairs living room and the staircase down to the basement.

We had some nice weather in late February and I needed to be out of the house, they were not generating on the river, so it was time to catch some trout.  The fishing has been great and I get a limit almost everytime I go out.

Well , a house completed is an open house.  We got to visit with all the kids and grandkids during the first two weeks in March.  Laura and her family were here to help move and Tom (the Dr.) worked three days at Baxter Hospital in the ER.  Brent's family came during their spring break and Ann flew in for a few days during her spring break.  We had a great visit and everyone enjoyed their stay at the house.  A few favorite pics during the visits are included below.

Pictured above is Melissa  (Brent's wife) and their two kids, Hannah (6) and Jake (4).  The second picture is the trophy trout Jake caught on the White River.  We had a great afternoon with the kids catching trout.  Hannah and Jake each caught 3 or 4 trout, Jake even got a nice Brown Trout, but we had to release it since it was under 24 inches long. 

This is Laura and her two kids, Clara (3) and William (17 Mos).  They had a good time at the playground while everyone else was fishing and Tom was working at the hospital.

Not to be outdone by her cousins, Clara was able to land a nice rainbow before we had to leave the river and head home for lunch.

Well, one last picture of the house.  One of the main rooms of the house is Steph's Sewing Room and it is everything she has dreamed of having.  She is busy making a few specialty quilts for family friends and lots of baby blankets for the Prayer Shawl Ministry at our church.

Well that's it for now.  The Dream is open for business and we are ready to receive guests.  If you need a few days of fishing (trout, bass, crappie,etc), sightseeing,  boating, including water skiing and jet skiing then give me a call and get your reservation.  We would love to see and visit with all our friends and family.  The WELCOME MAT is out so come on down!!!

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