Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 2011 - Spring is Here It's Time to Start the Landscaping

The weather is improving so it's now time to turn our interest to the outside of the house.  We are starting our landscaping projects in the front yard.  Down the street you see our dirt pile.  As soon as we can we will scrape the rock off the top of the ground and spread the dirt to get a good base for our sod arriving later the week of  April 15.

Spring is a beautiful time in the Ozarks.  The hardwood trees are starting to leaf out and the Dogwoods (the white blossomed trees) are in full bloom.

More Dogwoods and the plot of ground we have designated the garden site.  This photo and the prior photo were taken from the back deck of the house.

This is the "before" photo.  Our plan is to have a rock border around the two trees in the foreground and another rock border around the three trees in the background.  We also expect to have a rock border in front of the office and sewing room windows.

It's time to get to work -- The rocks have arrived.  What a crazy place we live in, we pay to have rock removed and then pay to bring rock back into the yard.

Unloading the rocks from the truck.  These rocks came from a quarry around Clinton, Arkansas.

This is the front of the house where we plan to have the rock border for shrubs and flowers.

We hope to have enough rocks to at least start a terracing on the area behind the driveway.

Well, this is our first attempt at a rock border around the two trees in the front. 

The garden is ready for planting, but the weather is still an issue for another week or two.  There is still the chance for a light freeze and we will be taking a quick trip to Texas so we will not plant until late April.  I can taste the cucumbers and okra already!!! 

Stay tuned for more updates as we get the LakeviewDream ready for the Parade of Homes 
on May 13 -14.

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