Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18 2011 The Back Yard Gets Cleaned Up

Ever since we started the LakeviewDream I have wanted to do something about the "mess" at the far back part of the lots.  The previous owners had partially cleared the lots to improve the view of the lake.  The debris was pushed to the lower back part of the lots and left to wither away.  We came along and built the house, requiring even more trees to come down, and of course we put our debris pile where the other one was.  Allen, the man who cleared the lots and dug the basement, has always said he would clean up the "mess" when everything was finished.  Well, as of today I guess everything is finished, according to Allen, because we spent all day transforming the back part of the lot.  The rest of this posting will be the transformation of the backyard.

The first thing Allen had to do was dig a pit so that we could bury most of the debris pile.  There were times when the dozer would disappear below the pile of tree stumps and logs.

Starting to look pretty good, but still a lot to move to the pit.

Well, when Allen started moving the very oldest debris he disturbed a large nest of snakes that had been laying around over the winter.  Fortunately the snakes headed further down the hill toward the lake and not up the hill to the house.  He only saw the one nest during the day so we are pretty lucky to be rid the the "critters".  I am going to Gregg's Farm Store tomorrow and get a couple of bags of sulphur to sprinkle around the lower part of the lot to be sure that the "critters" don't come back to visit.

Now we are looking REAL GOOD!  The debris pile is now a thing of the past and it seems as if our little piece of the world is twice as big.

Just to give you some idea of what I mean, this is a picture looking back to the house from the bottom of the lot where all the "mess" use to exist.  If you look real close you can see me spreading grass seed to try and get some top cover for our new found resourse of land.

We now have lots of room to expand. 

Now that the backyard is cleaned up we need to do something to the area.  This is the Johnny Appleseed of Baxter County, aka Stephanie, spreading Fescus grass seed over the freshly top dressed back yard.  We have 150 pounds of grass seed to put out and hopefully get a little ground cover started this year.  This will be an on-going project for many years to come to get a good stand of grass on this area.

This picture is another shot of Steph seeding our new found land.  I took this picture standing by the windows of the Grandkids bedroom.
Well, that's it for today and probably for the week.  We are headed to Texas to see Ann and Jared and  Brent, Melissa, Hannah, and Jake.  When we return we will start to do the flower beds and plant a few trees.  We are really excited with all the exterior improvements and hope everyone will start thinking about visiting us this summer.  Back soon when we have something to report!!!

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