Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 15 - 17 2011 Changes Continue!!

This week has seen many changes at the LakeviewDream.  We have received a truck load of landscaping rocks.  The crew has been busy setting many of the rocks around the trees and in front of the office window and the sewing room bathroom window.  We have had at least 11 dump truck loads of dirt delivered and spread on the front and back yard to get ready for the sod that's coming on Friday.  Thursday, April 14, was very productive with the dozer and bobcat moving all the dirt to the yard area and spreading it to place the sod on top of it.  We also received an inside upgrade on Thursday with the arrival of our wall mounted TV in the master bedroom and a big 50 inch plasma for the media room.  Late Thursday night and early Friday morning we had a tremendous rain, almost two inches, and as a result:

All of the good work we did on Thursday was partially ruined due to the heaavy rain.  The guys got here early Friday morning and started re-raking the dirt and filling in the wash outs.  About 8:30am
Friday morning a huge load of Zoysia grass arrived.

The work really started once the grass truck arrived.  It's time to unload 22 pallets of grass,
approximately 11,000 sq. ft.

Normally, the little unloader would place the pallets in the general area of where the grass would be laid, but we were way to wet to do that.  So, we always have a back-up plan,

I am glad we live on a quiet street and have few neighbors.  The street from one end of our property to the other is our holding area for the pallets.  The guys are going to have to carry the grass strips to where they will be placed.

It was a cold, dreary day to lay grass.  Everyone wore hooded sweatshirts and jackets.  This is the front yard by the driveway and garage.  It's really starting to look like a home with the addition of grass and landscaping.

After a slow start on Friday due to the wet weather we really increased the coverage on Saturday.  The weather was much better on Saturday and we were able to get the bobcat in the yard to set the pallets closer to the work area.  This is a picture of the flat area getting it's plot of grass in the backyard.

This picture is of the west side of the house.  The guys really worked hard on Saturday and got most of the grass set in place.

Well, this is where we are as of today.   We have a front yard, side yard on the west side of the house, and a full back yard.  The guys will be back Monday to complete the sodding around the rock walls and the area to the east of the driveway.

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